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"We play an active role in preserving aspects of a culture compromised by the debate of its legality."
RIBES, JADO, and IRWIN of ADR Crew in Florence, Italy
RIBES, JADO, and IRWIN of ADR Crew in Florence, Italy
.. - Intergraff does not condone the act of vandalism of any sort nor does it promote any illegal activities.
.. - Intergraff serves exclusively as an archiving database to document photos about graffiti and the communities it derives from.
.. - Intergraff does not permit the use of any materials on this website unless otherwise stated.
.. - All information obtained by Intergraff is confidential and all submissions are in anonymity.
MISSION College St. in Toronto, Canada

....Graffiti as a cultural form of expression has developed rapidly from its origins several decades ago. The progression of different forms of graffiti has made room for new genres like urban art and a niche market that caters to those who practise graffiti and its likeliness.

....Various websites showcase photographs of graffiti from around the world in a blurring collection of illegal street bombing and evidently legal gallery paintngs and urban art. The separation of graffiti into various genres makes it difficult to categorize when one is a graffiti writer or simply an urban artist influenced by graffiti.

....The importance of defining a graffiti writer is the first step to separating graffiti from urban art. By definition, the act of graffiti itself is a crime. The term 'graffiti' has acquired a new cultural meaning related to its origins with hip hop culture, thus making 'graffiti' a culturally loaded word compared to terms like 'vandalism' or 'defacing'. The latter terms are often used by authorities and those who disapprove because it strips any cultural values of the act of graffiti and describes it as destructive.

College St. in Toronto, Canada

....Defining an urban artist appears as a difficult process but nonetheless, it can be defined. Graffiti as a culture like many other cultures, has its own language. The language of graffiti can be very simple or hard to read depending on what style it is portrayed in and where it is from. As a language, graffiti can be learned by anyone who is willing to the take time to learn it, just like learning French or Chinese. However, once you know how to read and write graffiti you are not neccesarily a writer. A writer is defined by what they do and not what they know. Anyone can learn how to speak a language but they are not a part of that culture unless they participate in its practises. Can a graffiti writer also be an urban artist? Certainly, most of them are. It is not hard to find a graffiti writer taking part in a legal painting event. It might look like graffiti, but it is not. It is merely art inspired by graffiti. Many city arts councils promote events like these to encourage writers to cross-over. A more passive attempt at eliminating graffiti writers. Many older skilled writers only do legal walls now and will not have very many works in our database unfortunately.

....After defining a graffiti writer we now know what we are looking for: Graffiti. No urban art, vandalism, legal pieces, canvases or blackbooks. Strictly bombing, trains, rooftops, walls, rollers, you name it... all that stuff that will be buffed and painted over in the future has a little place in our hearts over here. Illegal graffiti is part of a diminishing culture that lacks the respect of anthropologists to really be examined and researched, and it probably won't be until it is all gone.

....Intergraff serves as a filter to collect every little piece of evidence to prove that graffiti once existed as a wild animal roaming in our sterile cities before everything is inevitably cleaned or painted over. Help us construct a worldwide archive and submit photos of graffiti in your community.

....Intergraff - CAN'T BUFF THIS!


....We are a small group of artists and writers looking to build a stronger, more defined graffiti resource site. Combining our knowledge and passion to document graffiti, we have built the framework for a giant archive of works from around the world. Right now our site is young and together we are learning more as we grow.

....Currently, Intergraff is showcasing a variety of street bombing in different countries. However, we are constantly building and adding as much as our little computers can handle so we will be growing constantly.

....Keep checking Intergraff to view our latest updates or check our page for any updates you may have missed. We are committed to bringing huge new updates as often as possible and great archive of graffiti in every city of every country.

AKORE in Milan, Italy
For more information please contact us at: info@intergraff.com